Perpetual motion works. Engineer needed.

Many of these devices fall into the category of "Bessler Wheels." They have no magnetic parts and no electrinic parts. They simply utilize sliding or swinging mechanisms along with gravity to make them run.

Perpetual motion works. Engineer needed.

Postby Jerryx » Sun Jun 01, 2008 6:57 am

Hiya. I know how to do Perpetual motion.
I need an engineer to build it.
It is purely mechanical. No magnets, chemicals, liquid or magic.
I was let down by someone who believes in the law of thermodynamics.
It is a very simple very cheap build but it is not my thing.
My crude attempt didn’t work because I couldn’t make a catch work.
I have since worked that out but I didn’t keep the model.
Also… Tel me why I can trust you.
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