tesla radient energy

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Postby Orange_Crusader » Mon Nov 14, 2005 1:30 pm

The cone/dome spiral idea is nice as well. Having a three dimensional shape can also help with another problem, lightning strikes, since with some decent grounding, the 3-D antenna becomes a Faraday cage. Having some form of power storage, which would allow the antenna to be entirely disconnected from the system (no spark gap, and a harder route to ground), saving yourself from frying everything, at the small expense of not gathering power during that time. This is pretty much the simplest/easiest method I can think of to keep it safe, but I'm sure there are others, so keep the ideas going!

A dome shape would work well for this, I think. Almost any spiral can be made into such a shape, it helps with lightning safety, and has a large amount of surface area. About the only drawback would be the increased cost of materials (this is a lot of copper tubing, for a 3-4 foot diameter dome/sphere). I just realized I forgot the link in my last post, so here it is: :)

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Postby clone477 » Mon Nov 21, 2005 2:20 am

Heres another good link about the subject for someone who will understand it better than me. http://www.amasci.com/tesla/tesceive.html
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Postby can't sit still » Fri Dec 02, 2005 12:27 pm

I've made a bunch of notes. I need to post them here hoping that someone understands them enough to corelate them to a design. It seems that the problem is the effectiveness of the collector.
Also, I think that the stipulation of 2/0 solid wire is incorrect.

What most people ignore in Tesla's radiant energy
patents is the fact that he used one electrode
x-ray tubes to energize his circuit

Most of the "current" in a wire, as is well-known, moves along the surface, giving us the "skin" effect. [For that reason, many cables are stranded of finer wires, to provide more skin surface per cm3 of copper, and hence more current-carrying capability per cm3 of copper.]
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Postby can't sit still » Fri Dec 02, 2005 12:34 pm

I think that the design of the antena is critical. It appears that it needs to be a size and shape that promotes the "energy sucking" properties. I believe that it has to be tuned to the resonance of the earth.

I also believe that you DO need to bury a plate rather then a rod. I sure don't want to go second guessing Tesla. I think that it might have something to do with a ground plane. Also the Tesla diagrams show a verticle orientation to the collector. This might be more important than avoiding wind resistance.???

receiving antenna. A YAGI, or a log periodic, or a helical coil
receiving antenna has a gain figure (amplification quantifier)
in decibels, and 20 to even 50 db is quite possible with many such
antennas. Try, for example, checking out the yagi antennas made by
Mosley, the log periodics made by MilCom, the helicals made by
Heli-Crafters. This means the passive antenna resonates and in effect
amplifies an incoming signal as much a 100 or more times its incoming
power level or signal strength while rejecting other frequencies.
These passive antennas do not require any outside energy excitement to
work as described, though there ARE active tunable antennas also.

MFJ and others make antenna tuner/match boxes that are not powered
but when connected to an antenna, even a long random length wire or
even a wet string, electrically 'lengthen or shorten' an antenna
to establish resonance at any frequency range.

Bringing an antenna to resonance is a fundamental necessity to achieve
maximum efficiency of an antenna in either passive or active mode
of usage.

The Amateur Radio antenna/tuner match box is the basis for the
resonant tank circuit used on the TREC. The flat spiral antenna
is based on a satellite microwave receiving antenna like used in
GPS receivers, but adjusted in size to resonate at much lower
frequencies closer to the standing waves generated by the Earth's

Now we have to know what frequency range the "Radiant
is. Light travels at 3 * 10^8 meters per second
so 1 MHz is 300 meters wavelength. At 60 Hz the
is (3 * 10^8)/(6 * 10^1) = 5 * 10^6 meters.

The description of Lawrence Rayburn's Radiant capture
antenna helix was "3 and 1/2 feet to 4 feet diameter
with 50 foot of 3/4 inch copper tubing with 1 inch
spacing between turns" (or something like that)
SO 3.5 feet (1.06 meters) * pi (3.14) would be 11 feet
per turn or 4.5 turns for 50 feet of conductor.

60 Hertz is between the 8th and 9th harmonic of the fundamental
standing wave frequency of the Earth, 7.1 Hertz. Coincidence?
I think not.

cannot corrobororate this, but I don'r think an
antenna is NECCESARY for FE. I think Bruse is right.
bI think the sevret is in the gap. the electrode
arrrangement, and the DC pulse ferequency. Once an
arc is established, it is a region of ionized gas, or
plasma. Sustaining the plawsma should only take a
little power, after all a flourescent lamp is a
plasma. As I remeber it, the breakddown voltage of
air is about 14000 volts per CM. Regular DC pulses
should be able to maintain the plasma, wherever you
get them from. I think the sercret to extracting ZPE
from the plasma is to install a RHITF electrode into
the plasma, making this a two anode diode. The scalar
potential would then be pulled off the anode that was
NOT in the ascillator circuit. The frquenct of the
oscillator would be set to MAXIMISE the flow of scalar
enery into the load circuit.
I think Tesla found and used it. If my
suspicions are right, the key to Kw lies in the
physical size of the electrodes used and in their
chemical makeup. Chemistry knew of
electronegetivities of matals. The battery was old
news and Tesla knew how it worked. Metals of diffent
electonegetivities would help biad the spark gap.
Another thing that needs to be considered is the
electrode distance and configuration. It stands to
reason that a larger distance means a higher voltage.
If the svalr/longitudinal wave explanation is correct,
then a third electrode to collect the longitudinal
rays Tesla talked about. This was his cold
electricity. Using this power would be another thing,
as irs frequency would mirror the frquency of the
pulsed DC oscillator

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Postby can't sit still » Fri Dec 02, 2005 12:43 pm

It appears that the tank circuit needs to be between the two plates [physically]
Unfortunately, I really don't understand circuits well at all. I'm hoping that if we get everything relavent in one place, SOMEONE will understand.
I'm willing to build anything that looks promising.
Why hasn't Rayburn released his kit yet?

The energy collected by the resonating antenna is DC voltage and
current. You feed the DC voltage through an oscillator to change it
to AC voltage. The Armstrong oscillator is locked to 60 hertz by the
crystal across it. But any good oscillator can be set to oscillate
at 60 hertz. Try a Colpitts oscillator, for example.

You take the AC voltage from the oscillator and drive a transformer
with it to adjust the voltage to whatever you need. This
transformer can either be a Tesla coil or it can be a conventional
multitap transformer.

This will be single phase, 60 hertz, AC voltage at 120,240,480,or
whatever you need. To change to three phase, you add a capacitor
to move the phase 90 degrees or three capacitors to move the phase
270 degrees. Placing these capacitors in a Delta configuration or
a Wye configuration produces the three phase electrical service of
the utility.

So, this is clear as mud or does it make sense to you? Electricians
and Ham radio operators have no problems understanding how it works.

There are almost an infinite number of component values that can be
placed in the circuit and make it work. I intend to make kits using
readily available parts with instructions for troubleshooting and
fixing any problems that might develop based on the symptoms.

This contraption MUST have the Earth ground attached to it to work.
It cannot "float" with regard to Earth ground.

I plan to experiment this weekend on the spark gap. I have an idea
how to store a larger potential around the spark gap and introduce
a noble gas around the spark gap to make its conduction
characteristics more controllable. I am modifying the electrode
holders to make them precisely movable to adjust the spark gap
where the ionized path between them is just a hair under what is
necessary to arc. A controlled discharge across the gap in a
noble gas, like neon, will give me quite a bit more potential to
siphon off with the tank circuit and boost the output significantly.

I have noticed that in operation the spark gap makes a soft, frying
even though even in the dark there is no visible arc.
With this modification, the relative humidity conditions anywhere on
the planet this device is used should not be a factor.

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Postby can't sit still » Fri Dec 02, 2005 12:47 pm

In the above post, it reads "install a RHITF elctrode. I corrected it once but it didn't carry over. It's supposed to say THIRD electrode.
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Postby clone477 » Fri Jan 13, 2006 1:51 am

Hey Guys, Lawrence, the guy that is said to have a working radiant energy system working, is on another radiat energy forum that Im on. Its a Yahoo forum and I think you would have to join to read it.
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Postby HydroControl » Fri Jan 13, 2006 11:51 am

Please tell us which YAHOO group.. That would help some of us that might want to join.
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Postby clone477 » Fri Jan 13, 2006 6:19 pm

The web link is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/radiant_energy/. Bruce, running the group has a working prototype and says that he has generated KW of excess power. Now the rest of the members are attempting it.
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Postby AbbaRue » Sun Jan 15, 2006 5:37 am

The argon discharge tube I mentioned in another post, is an ideal inverter.
I put about 600 volts DC into the tube and get 500 volts AC out.
Also check out the cable power source I posted. It is very simular to this project, but it uses coaxal cable instead of copper tubing.
Till later Harold
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Postby kevinsatterfield » Sat Feb 11, 2006 6:17 pm

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Postby brian » Mon Feb 13, 2006 2:51 pm

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telsa projects

Postby kevinsatterfield » Sat Feb 25, 2006 6:43 pm

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Postby clone477 » Wed Mar 29, 2006 2:10 pm

Okay Guys, I found Lawrence own yahoo forum, where he gives a tonn of info on building the pancake coils/reciever and the type of wire to use, and how to design the circuiot. Hes a really inteligent person. Id like to here some feedback. Heres the link http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OneSmallStepForMan/
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Postby HydroControl » Sat Apr 01, 2006 12:33 am

I am reposting this post by Lawrence from the radiant energy group. Might be useful.


If you looked on my forum you would have noticed that early on
I assumed that the boxes or plates in Tesla's patent drawings
were really black boxes or components he didn't want to
release to the public. I substituted his bifilar wound
flat pancake coil for the plates in his drawings and established
a resonant cavity between them. Then I reasoned he put a movable
tuner in that resonant cavity to derive energy because the collector
is, after all, simply a passive receiver....like a crystal radio.

It is all resonant energy transfer and the TREC acts as both a
tunable receiver and transformer. BTW, Tesla did not use any
iron core transformers. His were ALL air core transformers and
utilized inter-coil capacitance in the LC circuit inside the
resonant cavity to produce a very broadband receiver that
would collect significant amounts of energy from the natural
resonant cavity between the ionosphere and the Earth.

Only later did he discover the other side of energy derived from
the TREC, the longitudenal wave energy he called 'cold electricity'.
He then demonstrated wireless transfer of that energy to run
motors at a distance with no losses and no heating.




"Hello Zack,

Longitudenal wave energy is present all the time. It is parallel to
but not the same as transverse wave energy. Because all our detection devices
and measurement instruments make use of transverse energy
characteristics...electron flow, propagation limitation to speed of light, right
angle magnetic field signature, resistive magnetic heating, etc, the
longitudenal wave energy has been hard to detect and quantify.

Tesla devised AC or polyphase transverse wave electrical transmission
and pioneered rotating electrical fields for conventional AC motors.
It was not until later, after 1898 that he made the discovery of
longitudenal wave energy that he detected by rapidly switching DC current. It
turns out that transverse wave energy exhibits both a linear wave front in DC
and a sine wave front for AC. Both AC and DC trasverse wave energy produce a
right angle magnetic field that causes drag and loss of signal over distance
through heating.

He discovered that when DC voltage transverse wave energy is rapidly
switched, the right angle magnetic signature is stripped off at certain
frequencies and what is left is a spiral wave form that produces a parallel
magnetic field signature. That magnetic field does NOT produce drag...in fact it
ducts the energy in a linear wave front and enhances its propagation speed.
Tesla measured the speed of propagation of longitudenal waves to be at least 2.5
times as fast as conventional transverse wave energy (light in a vacuum).

Both forms of energy a present all the time. The ionosphere is
collecting a constantly rising positive charge from solar radiation.
The Earth is an infinitely negatively charged well producing a
spinning magnetic field containment. This forms a resonant cavity
between the ionosphere and the Earth and this separated charge is
migrating through the dielectric atmosphere at a more or less
constant rate of many trillions of watts per second....but it is
on such a large scale, the ionized carriers are not visible to us and produce no
harmful effects to us. In fact, the spinning magnetic containment of the Earth
that makes this resonant cavity possible protects us from lethal cosmic ray and
solar radiation bursts.

Tesla determined that lightning was a manifestation of localised
plasma discharge of this charge separation in the natural resonant
cavity and set about producing a receiver/collector to siphon off
and make a small portion of that energy usable by man. He did this by creating a
tunable manmade resonant cavity operated in parallel with the I/E natural
resonant cavity....allowing the I/E resonant cavity to transfer a portion of its
energy by resonance to the smaller manmade cavity. Then a movable tunable
bifilar wound biconical coil could be made to tap that energy stream....both the
transverse wave and the longitudenal wave sides.

Spark gaps were used to stimulate resonant ringing in both the
manmade resonant cavity and the I/E cavity, but he quickly found the natural
lightning discharges around the planet produced plenty of ringing that could be
controlled by tuning the biconical coil in the manmade resonant cavity and
keeping the spark gaps opened enough to ionize a path for energy transfer, but
not establish an arc.

Thus, the TREC IS a kind of passive broadband resonant receiver/collector.

Tesla then concentrated on the separated and purified longitudenal
wave energy for his later experiments at both Colorado Springs and Wydenclyffe.

I have pieced the puzzle together over the past 3-4 years and have satified
myself that my TREC design truly does reflect his original and produces the same
longitudenal wave energy for experimentation and eventual application to real

The Pomerleau Demo utilizes some of that longitudenal wave energy
resonant receiver technology....but neither Pomerleau nor Hutchinson
(who demonstrated some of the capabilities of longitudenal wave
energy) have been able to explain the energy or how to derive it.

Bruce quotes Tesla saying there is sufficient electrical energy
around us all the time to run the world's machinery for free. He was right.

Ya gotta get outta the rut of thinking in terms of electron flow,
Ohm's law, and the other characteristics of transverse wave energy
if you wanna work with 'cold electricity' as Tesla called it.


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